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The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Nearly 2 million young people in grades 5 to 10 are members. The club is open to all in those grades who are willing to live by the pledge and law.

To access the local webpage for the Pathfinder Clubs and Resources, see Michigan Pathfinders.


Many children around the world have discovered one of the most fun clubs ever created for them. The Adventurer Club is designed to strengthen parent/child relationships by providing specialized weekly activities, tuned into the psychological needs of this age group. These activities also give parents opportunities for learning parenting skills and enjoying hands-on activities with their children. To access our local webpage for the Adventurer Clubs and Resources, see Michigan Adventurers.

Craig Harris is a husband, father, and grandpa who has worked in youth ministries for over 25 years. As an ordained minister, he serves as the Associate Youth Director for the Michigan Conference with an assignment as the Director of the Adventurer and Pathfinder ministries. Pastor Harris believes that all young people need to be properly discipled to be sacrificial workers for Jesus Christ and His mission. He endeavors to inspire, educate, motivate, and support the youth and their leaders in this discipleship process. He is available to come to your church or school to support your leaders, parents, and youth with family worship ideas, teen hands-on training for local church and community, dads and their daughters, or anything relating to youth and family ministry.  He and his wife Janie have been married for 30+ years and have two married daughters and one grandson. In his spare time, Pastor Harris likes to hike, golf, read, and play cool yard games.