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Miranda Finds Adventism

Miranda Finds Adventism

by Andy Im

‚Äč"Stumbled Upon A Tent"
Growing up Miranda Lentz was an active Christian in her Baptist church but still felt a nagging, spiritual void. Towards the end of high school, she responded to the distinct but gentle tug to pursue her greater sense for truth and meaning.
Around that time Miranda felt God was calling her to be a teacher, and she enrolled at Michigan State University and embarked upon her education journey. But there was one problem. None of her friends shared her interest in God or the Bible!

She began praying to find a group of Christian friends. Then one day after a cancelled get-together, she went exploring across campus and in her words, “stumbled upon a big tent" (CAMPUS & the East Lansing church were holding an evangelistic meeting). She was asked if she wanted a massage, but opted to write on the prayer wall instead.
Miranda eventually committed to a weekly small group Bible study, and it wasn’t long before she was hanging out, eating, and attending church with her new Adventist friends. “They turned into my family,” and “God answered my prayer through the small groups,” says the radiant education major and 19-year-old sophomore.
Ultimately, it was their friendship that made a huge impact resulting in her commitment to follow Jesus all the way.
On January 20, Miranda was baptized at the East Lansing church after responding to an appeal by Pastor Jermaine Gayle, and it didn’t take long for Miranda to begin sharing her faith. This past summer she dedicated 10 weeks to evangelism, knocking on thousands of doors as a literature evangelist. She’s also taking a year out to be a full-time missionary on the campus of Michigan State University under the guidance of the CAMPUS missionary training program.
How cool is that?

Please continue to pray for her and the hundreds of Adventist students attending secular universities in Michigan, that they may remain faithful to Jesus and His mission to take the everlasting gospel to the world. 
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