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Surveys to use to follow-up church visitors, community health, religious, former and inactive members, media, Passion movie, prophecy, and Something Wonderful Cards. All are geared to offer free Bible studies (personal or through the mail).
Thank you Staci Osterman for sharing from your files.
Church Visitors Canvass
How to follow-up when people visit your church
Community Health Survey
Find those interested in health to invite to your health program
Community Need Survey
To help you find what your community is looking for, so you can meet their needs.
Community Religious Survey--10 questions
Longer survey of the communty's opinion of spiritual issues.

Community Religious Survey--5 questions
A short survey of the community's opinion on spiritual issues

Former and Inactive Member Survey
A survey to help reach those who no longer attend church

Gospel Presentaton
This presentation leads a person to Christ. To be used with the Former and Inactive member survey. Can be used any time when needed.

Media Survey
Follow-up on Amazing Facts, It Is Written, Faith for Today, Breath of Life, Christian Lifestyle, Quiet Hour, and Signs of the Times magazine leads.

Passion Movie Survey
How to survey those who have seen the Passion movie. Can share the Passion book and offer Bible studies.

Prophecy Survey
To find the community's interest in prophecy.

Something Wonderful Card Canvass
More than a survey. A canvass to show people how to use the Bible study guides they have requested.

Survey Interest Record
How to personally keep track of those receiving Bible studies, and to copy for to the pastor and interest coordinator.

Tips for Taking Surveys
How to present yourself at the door
For more information contact Connie Vail 517-316-1563 or email at cvail@misda.org
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