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Camp Meeting Volunteer Update:

Michigan Conference is participating in the new Child Protection Screening process. The new web-based platform features a training and screening system for both employees and volunteers.  For instructions and links CLICK HERE.  All camp meeting volunteers are required to participate in this screening process.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (2017 Now Available)

Tips for RVing From Tony Ludwig

Online Camp Meeting Registration
(Beginning Tuesday, April 18, the online registration will be open for the waiting list)

Camp Meeting 2017 Application

Meal Menu for 2017

Menu Order Form (Meal Tickets may be ordered May 1-21, 2017)

Temporary Employment 

   Instructions Working (2017)

   Janitoral Duties (2017)

   Employment Application (2017 PDF)

   Employment Application-Editable (2017 PDF)

   Employment Application (2017 MS Word)

   Volunteer Data Sheet (2017 PDF)

   Volunteer Data Sheet Editable (2017 PDF)

Other Documents

   Consent to Treat Minors (2017 PDF)

   Consent to Treat Minors (Editable) (2017 PDF)

   Consent to Travel to Au Sable (MS Word)

   Consent to Travel to Au Sable (PDF)


   Dress Code for Camp Meeting 2017 (PDF)

   Consent for Travel to Camp Au Sable (2017 Not Yet Available)  (Please do not mail this form to the conference with your accommodations application for camp meeting.  Parents/legal guardians should complete this form for their minor children if they wish them to go to Camp Au Sable during camp meeting.  The minor child should bring this form to camp meeting with them and give it to the division leader in the meetings they attend for their age group.)

Camp Meeting 2017 Brochure

Camp Meeting 2017 Seminars

Camp Meeting 2017 Seminar Schedule (Subject to change)

Surrounding Area Motels and Campgrounds (2017 Update)

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