Tandem Blind Bikers Camp
The 2016 Michigan Tandem Blind Bikers Ride is slated for July 25 through the 31st at the Cedar Lake, MI, Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Campgrounds.  Applications and further information may be secured by phoning Larry Hubbell, Camp Director, at 248-634-4379 or his cell phone, 248-459-3165.  All blind bikers have a sighted bike captain riding with them. More volunteer bike captains are needed and may apply at the same phone numbers listed above.

The support staff includes a bicycle mechanic, cooks, van drivers, camp chaplain, guest speakers and medical staff.
Vans will provide traffic control and be available to supply water, first aid, and alternate transportation if necessary. Instead of camping at different locations along a route, bikers will go out each day and return to a single campsite.  
Daily activities will include canoeing, swimming, learning to fly a plane or sailing a boat. In case of rain, campers will go bowling or to a gymnasium for other indoor activities. The cabin camping experience features inside sinks and water, restrooms and showers nearby, as well as the site's own kichen and dining room.

Sunday July 24, 2016
News Release From Camp Au Sable Michigan Conference of SDA

Yesterday, July 23, 2016, Camp Au Sable tragically lost one of our summer staff, George Jameson, to a drowning accident. George was part of the Horse Barn department. After church and outreach at a local nursing home, a group had the rest of the afternoon off.  So, they decided to spend some time at a beautiful, secluded lake about 10 minutes away from our camp.  As they were snorkeling to view some of the underwater nature, George called out for help and then he sank out of sight despite the attempts by fellow staff to rescue him.  9-1-1 was immediately called.  Our camp director, camp physician, and camp manager, rushed to the scene and together they were able to find him and pull him out.  Despite valiant efforts to resuscitate, he was lost to us.
George had just graduated from Great Lakes Adventist Academy and this was his second summer working at Camp Au Sable.  His parents are George and Rachel Jameson and they also have two younger sons, Silas and Michael who are students at GLAA.  His mother has served as a Michigan Conference teacher for many years and she is currently the principal/teacher in Edenville, Michigan.   
Our hearts are broken over the tragic loss of this very fine Christian young man. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and the Camp Au Sable staff.  “We have this hope” that we will see him again one day soon.
2016 English Tithe and Offering Appeals (PDF)
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