Disaster Response

An Update by Diana Bruch
 Michigan Conference Disaster Response Director

10-25-2017: Your gifts make a difference!

10-20-2017: These are pictures of your donations being loaded on a truck ready to go to Texas.  Thank you for providing us with the means to donate and transport these goods to give to those in need.  We could not do this on our own.  Thank you to NorthAmerican Van Lines for donating their truck and driver for this special run.  A private donor gave the money for fuel so this was almost a totally free run. 
We still have some supplies we would like to donate to Florida.  The State of Florida  and FEMA has asked us to help run a warehouse for victims of Hurricane Irma and Maria and they are also sending gifts to Puerto  Rico.
They State of Texas has slowed down the distribution of goods and become more focused on long term recovery such as house repair and rebuilding.  They are looking for professionals to help with future projects.
Diana Bruch

Hurricane Harvey Update (9-27-17

Our semi-truck is scheduled to make a trip to San Antonio to the warehouse where donations are processed for the Hurricane Harvey relief. 
  Any items your church has gathered need to be to the Michigan Conference Office by early next week. After this we will be looking to send monetary donations to the warehouse so they can purchase more specific items as they are needed by the victims  in a more timely fashion.  For the first time our communications team will be able to help with HAM radios in Houston.
  Our churches are still distributing goods to victims at a steady pace and we are looking for volunteers to help with that effort.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Diana Bruch to schedule a date for your service.  Also any donations should be confirmed with Diana Bruch as to when and where to deliver them.

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