September 1-4, 2016

Speaker, Elder Louis Torres

For reservations, call Jim Nephew at (906)250-2980 or e-mail at campsagola@gmail.com.


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The Whole Man
Michigan Men of Faith

September 24, 2016
9:30 AM
The 2016 Michigan Men of Faith theme is “The Whole Man.” Our goal is to help the men of Michigan to be the kind of men God wants them to be. Our presenters will focus on giving them the tools to do just that. The keynote speaker is Don Mackintosh, pastor of the Weimar Campus church, and director of the HEALTH evangelism school at Weimar Institute. In addition to presenting 2 messages, Pastor Don will conduct a breakout session on the topic of leading men from disappointment to God’s appointment - strategies for dealing with depression, stress, & anxiety. Elders Jay Gallimore, Jim Micheff, and Leroy Bruch will also present breakout sessions focusing on Bible Study, Christian Manhood, and Personal Finance. The afternoon meeting will feature a mini concert presented by the Lansing Chorale.
We are not charging a registration fee this year with the hope that more men will be able to come, and to eliminate the awkwardness of men wanting to pay fees on Sabbath. Instead, we will fund the day from the offering taken. Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria on a donation basis for those who do not bring a lunch.
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