Hurricane Harvey

An Update by Diana Bruch
 Michigan Conference Disaster Response Director

Hurricane Harvey Update (9-27-17

Our semi-truck is scheduled to make a trip to San Antonio to the warehouse where donations are processed for the Hurricane Harvey relief. 
  Any items your church has gathered need to be to the Michigan Conference Office by early next week. After this we will be looking to send monetary donations to the warehouse so they can purchase more specific items as they are needed by the victims  in a more timely fashion.  For the first time our communications team will be able to help with HAM radios in Houston.
  Our churches are still distributing goods to victims at a steady pace and we are looking for volunteers to help with that effort.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Diana Bruch to schedule a date for your service.  Also any donations should be confirmed with Diana Bruch as to when and where to deliver them.

Special Video (How to pack a Care Kit) 9-19-17

Hurricane Harvey Update (9-19-17

A multi-agency warehouse has been set up and is operating now in San Antonio Texas.  This warehouse is being managed by NA D ACS/DR and will be serving multiple distribution sites with more needed goods.  If you want to volunteer at the warehouse please contact Diana Bruch at the Michigan Conference to schedule your time.  They take trained and untrained volunteers. 

Hurricane Harvey Update (9-13-17

The Texas Conference Resource Depot out of Keene is currently supplying 12 churches acting as distribution centers in the affected area.  A multiagency warehouse is set to open shortly in San Antonio and more distribution sites will then be opening. 
We currently have 3 volunteers in the Houston area and am getting ready to send more this weekend.
 Volunteers in all ranges of training will then be needed to manage this 110,000 square foot warehouse filling it with more donations.
The volunteers will then process the goods into kits and boxes for sending to the multiple distribution sites already set up and more that will be set up soon.
Thank you for your continued support in this endeavor.  Please continue to pray for  our volunteers and the victims.

Hurricane Harvey/Irma Update (9-12-17

Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Houston are very busy helping with the relief efforts. Three Michigan volunteers now have joined them. FEMA and the State of Texas have finalized an MOU to open a 110,000 sq ft warehouse that NADACS/DR has been asked to manage.  We have a list of volunteers on a schedule to go to Texas and help  but we are in need of more volunteers, trained or untrained.

Thank you for all the donations that are coming in.  The Michigan churches are busy making kits. 

The Southern Unions are helping victims of Hurricane Irma and we have not been asked to respond at this point.  Fuel is being supplied to Florida now. Florida Conference is in an assessment mode at this time.

Hurricane Harvey Request (9-5-17)

There are still 33,000 people in shelters in Texas.  FEMA has asked NAD/ACS to run a mega warehouse of approximately 1,000,000 sq ft in the San Antonio area and we hope we will get the final go-ahead today or tomorrow.  This will supply distribution centers all around Houston and outplaying areas.
Money is always the best gift when you are over 1000 miles away but if you wish to collect items here are some ideas. 
Peanut Butter and Cheerios (they must have kids there)
Underwear and Socks (just buy your size, there is someone down there just like you)
Paper plates, cups, plastic wear (they are on a continual picnic)
As we are overwhelmed by Harvey please keep those in Louisiana in your prayers also.  Irma is heading towards Florida and the west coast is dealing with wildfires.  All these disasters are keeping our volunteers and leadership very busy.  Please pray that we can do all to the glory of God.

Michigan Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response has been officially requested to deploy volunteers and needed goods to Texas in the wake of the devastating flooding they are experiencing from Hurricane Harvey. We are preparing to deploy teams of seven persons in two week successions as soon as possible.  Our first truckload of requested disaster relief goods is already scheduled.  This shipment will all but deplete our prepared supplies on hand and therefore requires that we raise funds to provide supplies for future shipments of needed goods.  Furthermore, we have been informed that the initial phase recovery response to the Harvey Disaster will take a minimum of at least three months and long term recovery will be measured in years.
 Many church members have been calling for information on what is needed and how to donate.  To donate physical needed items please go to the website response and note the lists of items needed to make kits that are used extensively during this kind of disaster. Also please coordinate with Diana Bruch at the conference office (517.316.1567) for delivery of these items or kits or to volunteer to go and work in the disaster area.
Also monetary donations are more easily used and can be made through your local church during Sabbath Worship time.  Just mark your tithe envelope Conference Harvey Relief.  You may also send your donations directly to the Michigan Conference at 320 W St Joseph, Lansing MI 48933.  Make your checks payable to the Michigan Conference and mark them Conference Harvey Relief.   The Michigan Conference Treasury Office is also able to receive on-line and credit card donations.  If you wish to make an on-line donation you may do so through your Church’s on-line giving site or please call Deb Fitzpatrick at 517 316-1545 during office hours and she will be able to take your donation by credit card.
Your donations will be used for Conference Harvey Relief to provide transportation, food and lodging for deployed volunteers and needed supplies and goods for distribution to victims of the hurricane.  Each conference is expected to pay for their own volunteer expenses.  Therefore we are setting a goal of $200,000 to help get goods and volunteers to the disaster area so that they can be a blessing to the victims of this disaster.  All monies that you donate will be used to relieve the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  If excess funds are received they will be used to replenish conference supplies expended and these supplies will be held in store for future disaster relief. 
Thank you for all that you will do to help God’s children in crisis.


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